Electrical Company Philippines TOP 10 WAYS TO LOWER YOUR ELECTRICAL BILLS

Electrical Company Philippines

Below are the top 10 ways to lower your electric bill.  Most of the pointers can be easily and instantly implemented and once you apply these methods, you can confidently expect your next electric bill to be significantly lower than the one before it.

  1. Cool down your food before refrigerating

Allow your warm food to cool down prior to placing it in your refrigerator; the machine would not need to work as difficult to keep the inner temperature. Raise or increase your refrigerator’s temperature to forty five degrees Fahrenheit or seven degrees Celsius. Organize the contents of your refrigerator so you can close its doors as soon as you find your desired item.

  1. Only wash and dry full loads of clothes.

Do your laundry on a weekly basis and as much as possible, use cold water. This can save up to 4% of your regular power bills.

  1. Sleep Mode your PC when not in use

At all times, keep your PC on sleep mode when you are away from your desk. Better yet, turn your computer off if you will be gone for quite some time.

  1. Use your microwave

Instead of using your traditional electric stove, use your microwave; it is much more energy efficient compared to electric stove. An ordinary conventional stove uses lots of energy in the process heating up and staying hot.

  1. Change your incandescent lights with solid LED lights.

LEDs are more economical and way more durable. Also, they provide less heat and consume less electricity.

  1. Check windows and doorways for air leaks on Air conditioned room

Install climate strips if you’ve found some leaky windows and/or doors.

  1. Shut the doors and off the vents of all rooms that are currently unoccupied.

It is not needed to spend cash cooling off areas which aren’t being used. It can save you for up to 3% on cooling costs.

  1. Turn off the appliances if not use.

If not in use, turn off the appliances. DVD players, TVs and chargers continue using up electricity to power its “Standby” mode. Use an energy strip for these tools which you can switch on or off manually.

  1. Change the air filter of your air conditioner once a month.

In addition to the power consumption, this routine will also lessen the dirt and dust circulation in the air of your house.

  1. Do a home power evaluation.

A cautious walk-through will release trouble areas where you can be spending energy. Create zone listings you have examined and problems you have found. You can also ask some electrical company in the Philippines, they can provide some information that might help you.

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