About Asean PCS

Asean PCS is establish as an online shop for electrical devices in the Philippines. The Company’s traditional business model is based on the accomplishments of different online markets in the country. Because of the wide specifications of marketing done in the internet today, the company decided to bring the product into a broader and more diversified market.

Asean PCS offer different brands of electrical products like Schneider, LS, LG, GE, Nova, and many more. The product line is compose of Wiring Devices, Electrical Systems, Electrical Panel Boards, Breakers, MCB, MCCB, RCBO, Automatic Transfer Switch, Lighting Devices,Emergency Lights, HVAC, and other electrical Materials. We opt to supply the market with affordable products and make sure that they can acquire it with ease by using Internet technology. In addition we can ensure them with the best after sales customer service that we can offer.

Asean PCS target be known here in the Philippines and the neighboring counties just like any other companies. The company are still in the starting point of many businesses and thru technology and innovation it can rise up in the along with the others and create a sufficient market for everyone.

What we are

Asean Pcs goal is the expansion in the field of
Online Sales and Marketing hence develop a strong base of key customers. We
also target to increase the assets of the company to support the development of
new products, services and above all customer satisfaction.
As a result of the company’s good will, we can build good reputation in the
field of Online Marketing and become a key player in the industry.

Our scope of work focuses on the marketing and
sales service online and tends to offer them products in regards with their
inquiries or requirements. Consequently, we accommodate their needs and try
to give them the best possible options for their projects.

Present Conditions
As one of the starting business in the online market, Asean PCS target to be recognize here in the Philippines and the neighboring counties.Thru technology and innovation we can rise up in the along with the others and create a sufficient market for everyone.
Key Processes
Latest technology and innovation makes the connectivity of every person in the world with ease. As the online world is vast and easy to associate with, we can ensure that we can reach many people and give them the customer satisfaction that an online shop can offer.